4 Oral Health Benefits That Water Provides

4 Oral Health Benefits That Water Provides

Water is great for your body. We’ve all been taught that at an early age. But did you know that water provides a lot of benefits when it comes to your teeth, gums and oral health? “Staying hydrated keeps our bodies healthy and strong,” says Dr. Maryam Adibfar, a Toronto dentist with years of experience. “Sipping water throughout the day also helps boost your teeth’s health and keeps them looking beautiful.”


Water, especially fluoridated water, delivers many benefits to our teeth, gums and overall oral health. Let’s take a closer look at why water is such an important part of you oral health success.


Water Benefits

Cleanliness: Juice, pop and other drinks are often packed with sugar and are highly acidic. Although they may taste delicious, they can be detrimental to your teeth’s health and strength. Cavity-causing bacteria thrive off that type of sugar. This can lead to enamel decay and a whole host of other issues like cavities and sensitivity.


That’s why you should consider reaching for a bottle of cold filtered water instead of one of these drinks. Water helps wash away particles of food and other bacteria. It also helps reduce acid levels. “Water is such an easy way to help support a healthy mouth,” explains Dr. Adibfar. “If you’re looking for a smile that is cavity free and beautiful, reach for more water!”


Stronger teeth: Water with fluoride helps keep your teeth clean and can even help prevent cavities. Water helps ward off plaque build up and can help reduce the impact acid has on your teeth. This natural cavity fighter helps promote strong teeth by protecting the enamel and reducing the chances of decay, cavities or other diseases.


Ward off dry mouth: Saliva is such an important part of your oral health. It’s a superstar. It helps fight decay, washes away particles of food, helps your swallow and acts as a natural cleanser. But if you have a dry mouth, you saliva levels are low. This puts you at risk of oral health issues. If you feel parched or are suffering from dry mouth, drink more water.


It can help stimulate the production of saliva and act in its place to help cleanse your teeth. “If you are experiencing dry mouth often, it’s best to contact a trusted Toronto dentists,” explains Dr. Adibfar. “Your dentists can help determine the issue and find the best solution to keep your smile looking stunning.”


Staying healthy: Your favourite pops, juices and sports drinks are often high in sugar and high in calories. This not only puts you at risk for oral health issues like cavities and enamel decay, but it can lead to other health issues like weight gain or diabetes. “Drinking more water isn’t just a smart decision for you teeth – it’s smart for your overall health,” says Dr. Adibfar. “Reaching for more water can help keep you feeling and looking great.”


Keep Your Teeth Looking Healthy

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