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What to Expect Before Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth are the molars at the back of your mouth and usually emerge in late teens or early twenties. Some people never develop wisdom teeth. For others, they may grow in normally and cause no problems. However, in many cases, wisdom teeth can become impacted and fail to emerge due to a lack of [...]

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Which Toothpaste Should I Use?

Toothpastes come in many forms and a variety of different flavors, benefits, and endorsements. All are designed to remove surface bacteria and prevent the buildup of plaque that can cause tooth decay. With so many choices, Dr. Maryam Adibfar knows that selecting the right toothpaste can be difficult. So how can you know which toothpaste [...]

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Benefits of Drinking Water For Healthy Teeth

Many medical professionals will tell their patients and others that drinking eight glasses of water every day is essential for optimal health. Our bodies are made of 60% water, and staying hydrated helps your system distribute healthy nutrients, gets rid of waste, gives your skin a healthy glow and keeps your muscles moving. Drinking water [...]

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What Is a Filling?

A filling is the most common way to restore a tooth damaged by decay back to its normal function and shape. When you go in for a filling, your dentist will remove the decayed tooth material, clean the affected area, and then fill the cleaned-out cavity with a filling material. By closing off spaces where [...]

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Do You Have Bad Breath?

Most people are unaware of the fact that they have bad breath. The bacteria that live in the mouth are the primary causes of bad breath. The mouth's warm, moist conditions make the perfect environment for these bacteria to grow. Causes of Bad Breath Bad breath can be caused by internal and external factors. Internal [...]

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A Smile Speaks Volumes

If you've ever thought about how great it would be to have a really bright, white, and healthy-looking smile, now is the time to find out what modern cosmetic dentistry has to offer. The dental hygienists at our Davisville Toronto dental office are proud to offer friendly services that help patients maximize the best attributes [...]

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Veneers – An Instant Smile Makeover

A beautiful smile speaks to a variety of desirable qualities, including confidence, charisma, and self-esteem. If your teeth leave you feeling self-conscious about your appearance, Dr. Adibfar and her team can help. Dental veneers are a cosmetic dental procedure created primarily to improve the appearance of the tooth. Porcelain veneers are ultra-thin shells of dental [...]

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What is a Fluoride Treatment?

Fluoride is a natural mineral that can be found in almost all food and water you consume. Fluoride is the best way to protect your teeth from tooth decay. People generally lose fluoride in their teeth due to acids caused by plaque buildup, bacteria and sugars that attack your tooth enamel. To get the fluoride [...]

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What To Do About Sensitive teeth

Do you experience pain when you eat or drink something that is hot, cold, or sweet? Sensitive teeth are one of the most common complaints made by patients. If you suffer from sensitive teeth, you should visit your dentist for an exam to be sure there is not a more serious issue causing the sensitivity. [...]

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