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Restorative Dentistry is really a catch all phrase, describing the art of restoring damaged and lost teeth. Family dentists can repair decayed teeth by placing fillings. When teeth are missing, a person can have crowns, conventional bridges, or dentures made as replacements, but these may not be the only options. That is where Dr. Adibfar comes in, her expertise will help you manage your oral health care needs and coordinate treatments with a specialist when necessary.

The following is a brief description of dental health issues that fall under the heading of general and restorative dentistry.

White Fillings

These are made of tooth-coloured material we call a composite filling used to restore the teeth’s natural beauty. Composite fillings are matched closely to your natural tooth colour and are virtually indistinguishable from non-restored teeth. Composites are excellent options for front teeth as well as the back teeth. Composites have been proven to be extremely durable and stain resistant.

Root Canal

Infected tissues in the tooth pulp can cause severe pain and eventually lead to tooth loss. Root canal therapy – a common restorative dentistry service – is designed to remove infected tissue with the goal of saving the tooth.

Dental Crowns and Bridges

When a tooth is severely damaged or decayed, dental crowns act as a protective cover, strengthening the tooth and reinforcing the jaw. This restorative dentistry procedure can help you have a smile you’re proud of.

Dental Bridges

For one or more missing teeth, dental bridges literally “bridge the gap” between remaining teeth, stabilizing the jaw by surrounding those teeth with attractive crowns.

Dentures and Partials

Replacing one or more teeth is easier than before with multitude of denture alternatives available to patients. Another common restorative dentistry service, dentures are now more comfortable and affordable than ever before.

Dental Implants

Implants have been a used for well over 1300 years, and over the past 60 years they have been improved in order to provide a more stable tooth. Today, most implants are made to resemble an actual tooth root and are made of titanium. Implants are permanently placed in the jaw and then a replacement tooth (resembling the one that is missing) is attached to the ‘new root’. In some cases we can perform a dental implant at our midtown Toronto dental clinic in just one visit.

A consultation with Dr. Adibfar about restorative dentistry will let you know if you are a candidate for what is commonly called a ‘mini dental implant’ or if you require a surgical procedure. Healing time after having a implant is dependant on the type of treatment that has been performed.

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