Dental Tips to Keep in Mind This Summer

Dental Tips to Keep in Mind This Summer

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Summer sun brings summer fun. We’re all excited about summertime, relaxing with friends and family, but Dr. Maryam Adibfar reminds you that it isn’t the time to take a break from good oral health habits. Keep these tips in mind to make sure that your dental health doesn’t take a break as well.

Tip #1

Stay on routine

It is important to maintain a cleaning routine. Resist the temptation to skip brushing before bed. Keeping up with your brushing and flossing routine goes a long way in keeping your teeth, gums, and mouth healthy.

Tip #2

Drink lots of water

Drinking water will help clean all the loose food particles in your mouth as well as bacteria that may be lingering in your mouth. Staying hydrated will produce more saliva which will help wash food particles away even when you’re not drinking water.

Tip #3

Change your toothbrush

Toothbrushes are not meant to last forever. Many people forget to change their toothbrush every 3 months. In order to keep your teeth clean, you need a clean toothbrush. Be sure to change your toothbrush at least once this summer.

Tip #4

Avoid sugary drinks and snacks

Be cautious of how much sweets you eat this summer. Sugar filled snacks and drinks can cause cavities, plaque, and can lead to enamel loss. Look for low sugar or sugar-free options for your summertime snacks.

We hope you’ll find these four dental tips helpful while you enjoy the warm summer weather. If you have any questions about your oral health please contact our office today.

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