Healthy Summer Teeth: 2 Things to Watch Out For

Healthy Summer Teeth: 2 Things to Watch Out For

We all want healthy summer teeth. The summer months are full of sun, fun and great memories. We’ve been waiting for the warm weather for what seems like forever. Many of us will be outside enjoying the sunshine, indulging on our favourite foods and drinks, and taking part in our favourite activities. We’ve all probably heard about the various dangers to our oral health during the summer. “Whether it’s those sugary drinks enjoyed by the pool or activities where there’s a potential for contact, the summer can be a tough time to keep your teeth safe and healthy,” says Dr. Adibfar, a leading Toronto dentist. “But there are other things you should be keeping your eye on this summer.”


Let’s take a closer look at two not-so-predictable things to keep an eye on as you enjoy the warm months ahead.


Healthy Summer Teeth: Sipping from the Garden Hose

We’re sure you’ve done this once or twice. With the sun beating down, grabbing some refreshing water from the hose probably seemed like the easiest solution to quench your thirst. But hose water isn’t tap water. “This water can contain a number of chemicals, including lead,” explains Dr. Adibfar. “These types of chemicals can cause tooth decay.”


The solution: If you’re outside enjoying the heat, plan ahead and have fresh tap or bottled water on hand.


Healthy Summer Teeth: Enjoying Underwater Life While Scuba Diving

Who wouldn’t want to experience all the wonders that underwater life brings. Whether here in Canada or while on vacation, scuba diving is growing in popularity. But during that exhilarating experience, there is a lot of pressure put on your jaws and teeth. This water pressure can cause jaw and tooth pain or aggravate issues you might already be experiencing.


The solution: Before you go under, make sure you’re in great dental health. See your dentist before you embark on your trip so they can ensure you won’t be placing your teeth at risk. And while in the depths, try to avoid clenching your jaw.


Keep Your Teeth Healthy

The summer months are reserved for fun, relaxation and a lot of excitement. You don’t want to spend these precious days in the dental office addressing issues or being sidelined due to pain and discomfort. “The best thing you can do is keep dental safety front of mind throughout the summer,” says Dr. Adibfar. “You don’t need to give up any fun, but if you think about keeping your teeth healthy and safe, you’ll be in a great position to enjoy the summer with a big smile on your face.”


You might even want to talk to your dentist during your next cleaning or check-up about what you and your family can do to make oral health a priority while you’re making great summer memories.


Next Steps

Do you want healthy summer teeth?  Contact our team to schedule a check-up so we can take the necessary actions if required.

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