keeping it green

our dental clinic uses digital x-ray technology

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keeping it green

your davisville dentist in Toronto

Our Toronto dental clinic uses digital x-ray technology (Digital Radiography): This form of computerized radiography uses a standard generator as its radiation source. The end result, our patients have better images taken from the intra-oral sensor which is placed in the mouth and collects the image.

The colour capabilities allow our patients to distinguish separate colours and become better educated as to what they are viewing. The “zoom” capabilities allow our patients to view localized areas, subsequently have a better understanding of their diagnosis.

Our patients are further encouraged with the fact that this technology produces an amazing 80-90% REDUCTION IN RADIATION as compared with other convectional x-rays. In addition, this digital technology produces ZERO WASTE. Thus making it “GREEN” on our list!

Our Patient Files and Electronic Insurance Claims: We continue to explore and employ zero waste free methods as well as, more efficient ways to conduct our services. All insurance claims and patient information files are submitted electronically. This will enable privacy of patient files and claims to be paid in the shortest amount of time.

Mercury Free

We offer 100% metal and mercury free, restorations as well as BPA free bite and night guards.

we care about our patients

your davisville dentist in Toronto

Amazing experience. From staff to the doctor, everyone is professional, friendly and approachable. I highly recommend this doctor.









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