How Proper Nutrition Supports Healthy Teeth

How Proper Nutrition Supports Healthy Teeth

Proper nutrition is extremely important. We’ve all heard it before. But did you know that there’s more to great oral health and beautiful teeth than brushing and flossing? “Proper nutrition can have a very large impact on our teeth, gums and overall oral health,” says Dr. Maryam Adibfar, a Toronto dentist who has been helping people improve their oral health for years. “While brushing and flossing is incredibly important, what you eat and what you choose not to eat, is a close second.”


Proper Nutrition and Your Oral Health

Most of us know that we should avoid sugary foods and drinks and things that are high in acid. These foods can wreak havoc on our teeth, can cause decay and cavities and place our oral health in jeopardy. Candy, pop and other refined snacks aren’t typically the best choice for a health mouth. But what should you be consuming? Here’s a list of vitamins and minerals that can help keep your teeth healthy, bright and strong.


Vitamin D: This isn’t just for your skin. This special vitamin helps your body to absorb calcium and can improve your bone mineral density. This, along with calcium, are the building blocks for strong teeth.


What you should be eating: While you will get Vitamin D from natural sunlight, you can increase your consumption by enjoying fortified foods and drinks as well as supplements.


Calcium: You’ve heard that milk builds strong bones. We grew up on this saying. Calcium does in fact help build strong bones and improves structural support. It also helps strengthen your tooth’s enamel, which helps protect your teeth and keep them strong.


What you should be eating: Besides milk – try cheese, broccoli, cottage cheese and yogurt. They are all high in calcium.


Potassium: Like it’s friend Vitamin D, it helps improve bone mineral density. It also helps regulate your blood’s acid level, which is important to preserving calcium within your bones and teeth.


What you should be eating: A banana is a great source. You might also want to add more tomatoes to your diet.


Vitamin K: This is almost like a superhero vitamin. It helps protect your bones and teeth from substances that can break them down. It also helps improve bone strength.


What you should be eating: Spinach, kale and other leafy greens are packed with Vitamin K. So reach for a big salad every now and again.


Vitamin C: This is an important vitamin when it comes to your immune system. We’re often told to get lots of it to help prevent illness. When it comes to proper nutrition and oral health, Vitamin C is a game changer. It helps strengthen gums and protects soft tissue within the mouth.


What you should be eating: Fruits are a great source of Vitamin C.


Proper Nutrition is the Building Block of Great Oral Health

When it comes to your smile, what you put in your mouth is almost as important as how many times you brush and floss. To keep your teeth and gums healthy, make sure you’re getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals. Proper nutrition starts with a balanced diet. If you need help determining what you can be doing to help improve your oral health, contact us today.


There’s a lot we can help with when it comes to identifying the right mix of foods and drinks that can support your oral health goals.

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