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No matter how much, or little, time you have to get your smile perfect before a major event, there are a variety of ways to enhance it and address what may be bothering you. “A smile transformation takes time to make sure you will be perfectly happy with your final result”, says Toronto dentist Dr Adibfar, DDS. “If you are planning it around an event, consult our office to get on track – you might be surprised by today’s fast options. There are certain situations where, in limited time, we can change the look of a smile for beautiful results”. And with careful planning, you can have the smile you want in the time needed.


Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and photography is a big part of the special day. If you have ample time, and want to correct any spacing or crookedness, one of the best ways to do so is with orthodontics. Traditional braces are still an option, but invisalign — clear plastic retainers that slowly straighten teeth by shifting them into place with sets of aligners — is becoming more and more requested since it doesn’t conceal the teeth with clunky brackets and is less visible than traditional braces. Besides wanting straight teeth, most bridges desire a bright, white smile. If your cosmetic dentist chooses to correct your smile with invisalign, you can double up on its effectiveness by adding a bleaching gel (available through our office) to trays at night. This way, you get the straightening effects of retainers with the bleaching power of an at-home whitener.

For a Younger Looking Smile

Time and stress can take its toll on the teeth, causing them to become weak, discoloured, gappy and in some cases, absent. If your smile doesn’t look fresh as it once did and is now making you look older than you really are, there are options to restore youthfulness to your smile, just in time for your reunion. For younger looking smile, and to reverse the effects of time and damage, make over your teeth with implants. Dental implants can be used to fill missing teeth and give more rejuvenated look to a smile.

Implants can be used for someone who is missing one, some or all of their teeth regardless of whether the tooth has gone for a day, a decade or 30 years”, says Dr Adibfar. Sometimes a periodontist will be required to guild a bone anchor before implants can be put in. Other times, we replace an implant and the bone isn’t dense enough for a crown right away and it takes two to three months before final restoration is put on. However, once the bone heals, the implants becomes permanent, enabling placement of crowns that look and function like natural teeth. Note, implants are individual and can also be used in single or multi-tooth restorations.

I’m Going on a Vacation Next Week

We all want to look our best on vacation. Hence, the nails, hair removal treatments, and fast track dieting…but how about your smile? If your smile is not your idea of perfection, it can show in your pictures since you may not be as inclined to smile ‘big’. Common dental problems — gummy smile, minor alignment issues (think small gaps, chips and crooked teeth) and discolouration — can really affect how your teeth look in photos.
Eliminate a gummy smile and make it more flattering by reshaping the gums. Removing excess gum tissue and reshaping the remaining gum tissue are efficient ways to reveal more of your teeth so that your smile, as a whole is more proportionate an age appropriate. Also consider Bonding — get rid of discolouration and minor smile flaws in one easy step.

Bonding can be a quick fix for a variety of problems, including chipped, broken, slightly
crooked and discoloured teeth. If you’re on a time crunch, bonding is a fast option, in terms of how quickly you’ll see results, but generally, its reserved to treat minor concerns. With bonding Dr Adibfar is much more selective with patients, than in comparison to veneers, which can do so much more. Bonding uses a special composite material that’s bonded to the teeth to restore shape, evenness and/or colour. The results are fast, its less expensive than other cosmetic procedures and it requires minimal tooth removal.

Fight the Signs of an Aging Smile

Fight the signs of a aging smile with a quick lift to the corners of the mouth. When the corners of the mouth fall flat or begin to point down ward, a few injections of hyaluronic acid fillers can help. It repositions the corners of the mouth horizontally so they don’t point down and provide an unintended frown. “These days, having a fresh smile goes a long way whether for work, or personal — both women and ‘men’ are becoming increasingly interested in looking attractive and young — and preserving a sparkling youthful smile is a major part of the picture”, says Dr Ali Adibfar, a renowned cosmetic plastic surgeon in Canada.

Tips for Perfect Pictures

  • Pick the right shade of lipstick. Lip colours with blue undertones make teeth look whiter because of the contrast created. In addition, less application of lipstick colour, it will prevent bleeding of lip colour into fine lines around the mouth. Best trick, apply the old quick tissue dab to your lips to remove access lipstick. This will prevent your lipstick from bleeding as well as, prevent lipstick getting on your teeth. It’s true what they say, less is more.
  • Don’t ignore your tongue. Pushing your tongue against the top front teeth helps to elongate the smile.
  • Don’t smile too big. Smiling only three – quarters of the way prevents the gums from appearing too exposed.

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