What is a Root Canal?

What is a Root Canal?

root canal
A root canal is a treatment that repairs a damaged or infected tooth. This procedure involves removing the area of the damaged tooth, cleaning the remaining part of the tooth, and sealing it.

The tooth can be affected due to cracks, cavities, or even germs that lead to tooth decay.

What to Expect?

A root Canal has a variety of steps and is usually completed over a few visits to the dentist.

1. X-Ray – An X-Ray is required to show where the tooth decay is located. This allows us to see if
there is any infection.

2. Anesthesia –The dentist will administer local anesthesia to the area, to numb your tooth. Once the tooth is completely numbed, they can begin the procedure.

3. Temporary Filling– Once the dentist cleans and removes the affected part of the tooth, a temporary filling will be placed on the top of your tooth.

4. Permanent Crown– During the final visit, the dentist will place a permanent crown. This crown will protect your tooth from further decay.

Infected tissues in the tooth pulp can cause severe pain and eventually lead to tooth loss. Root canal therapy – a common restorative dentistry service – is designed to remove infected tissue with the goal of saving the tooth.

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